How soon can I get it? 
Around 5-7 working days

Can I get it without a sonde? 
Yes, we can customise our cameras to suit your budget and your application.

What is the warranty? 
The warranty is for one year and is a manufacturer's warranty. The faulty item would need to be returned to us for inspection.

Can I pick it up? 
Yes, if you tell us where you would like to collect we can arrange a depot collection in all states.

Can I put notes in the video for reporting? 
Yes, audio, or we can supply a text writer which overlays text on video.

Can I pay it off? 
We require payment in full before shipping, but we do work with finance companies and can recommend one to you.

How reliable are they? 
We don’t get many failings. If a product had a high failure rate we wouldn’t sell it. We have only replaced one camera head under warranty.

What quality is the images/video? 
This depends on the camera. Image and video from a 7mm camera head will be different to a 50mm head. As a general rule, it is a similar quality to your phone.