• Construction tough residential drain inspection cameras

    If you don't see what you need call us. We can build to order.

  • Borehole and Well inspection Cameras

    Pan/Tilt, Sideview, 100 - 500m cable. We have your requirements covered.


We have a large selection of high-quality cameras with sapphire lenses and ultra-bright LED's to suit your application. Well and Borehole cameras to 500m. Electric winch, pan, tilt and side view options. Need a residential inspection camera? From 20 m to 120m we've got you covered for drain and inspection Cameras. Need a sonde? We can add it to all cameras 22mm and over. Want to inspect a small diameter tight radius pipe? We have a 7mm camera head that is perfect for that application. Inspecting large water mains? Our 120-meter camera gets you from manhole to manhole with a 50mm self-levelling camera head, for clear crisp video. Don't see what you want? Ask us and we will talk to our factory to see what they can build.

Our biggest seller is the 06-22 Camera system, 30m cable, 22mm dia head with 12 LED's, 512mHz sonde. This camera is the ideal tool for residential sewer inspections. Nice crisp video and images, a sonde for location, audio recording over a video to add details like addresses/job numbers, so you know what the footage relates to. All in a waterproof HPRC case.



We supply a variety of cameras from 500m Borehole Cameras, Well Cameras to pipe and drain camera systems. We have something to suit every application.

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